Best CBD Home Business

So you want to create a CBD home business? Well you came to the right place, oHHo can arm you with the information needed to create the best CBD home business possible. The CBD business is booming, everyone is trying to get in on the action of this billion dollar industry and for good reason. Starting your CBD home business won’t be easy, but with hard work and a dedicated attitude you can reap a lot of rewards. So let's get into the nitty gritty of what makes a CBD home business tick.


Getting started

First, you’re going to need to review state and federal CBD regulations in order to ensure your business is compliant. CBD must be sourced from hemp with less than 0.3% THC under the 2018 Farm Bill, but some states have further regulations banning edibles or other products, so do your research.

You’re also going to need to procure the proper licenses. For the majority of CBD home businesses you will need both a business and resale license. In some states, additional licensing may be required, so again do your research. A business license is needed to operate any kind of business, while a resale license allows you to resell your sourced CBD products. Most likely you won’t be growing your own hemp and creating your own products, if you are that’s an entirely different ball game. 

Most importantly, you will need to build a website and establish some kind of order fulfilment system. A website is the life blood of a home business and will let you get your product in front of your customers. This means you need to put time and resources into website design and function so everything runs smoothly. You can ship orders from your home as you get started, but it’s even more efficient to outsource your delivery, packaging, and storage to a separate entity. This will keep the burden off you and keep your home from becoming a storage unit.


Help from oHHo

oHHo offers a Community Builder for entrepreneurs exactly like you! We help those wanting to start CBD businesses get off the ground with exclusive benefits and support. Give it a look so we can help you break into the CBD market with a bang.