The CBD business is blooming, standing as one of the fastest growing markets today. Now’s the time to start your own CBD business and join in on the action. Of course, before jumping in it’s important to do your research and understand the laws and regulations surrounding the cannabinoid. We at oHHo have compiled the need to know information in order to help you understand the laws and regulations, as you begin to build your CBD business. The short answer to the question, however, is no you can’t get in trouble for selling CBD, as long as you follow the proper procedures and rules.

Can you get in trouble for selling CBD?

The legalization and regulations of CBD

In 2018, the Farm Bill legalized the commercial production and selling of hemp and hemp derivatives, such as CBD. This came with terms, however. For example, the hemp plant used to create distributed products must not contain more than 0.3% THC. The growing of hemp is still highly regulated, but is of more concern to hemp farmers than you and your CBD business. 

What is of concern to you, however, is how you market your CBD products. When marketing CBD products it is not allowed to boast health benefits or label products as dietary supplements. Scientific research, while pointing to numerous health benefits from hemp and its derivatives, is not conclusive and therefore marketing saying as such would be misrepresentative. Finally, CBD can not be sold in food products. Well, what about CBD gummies? This is sort of a gray area, but since such gummies are not a real source of nutrition, it's not really considered food, but rather a vehicle for CBD to enter your body. 


To sell CBD products you need a total of two licenses: a business license and a resale license. That’s it. To own and operate a business of any kind you must procure a business license. There is a wide variety of business licenses best suited for different needs. Do research on your local government and the licenses available to you in order to find the best fit for your CBD business. 

A resale license is what will allow you to sell CBD products you source from distributors. Unless you plan on producing your own CBD products, you will need to find a distributor that can handle your production needs. 

CBD isn’t Illegal

As long as you follow these simple regulations and have the proper licenses, there is no risk of you getting in trouble for selling CBD products. So you can rest easy with one less worry on your plate as you start your CBD business.