CBD Balm

There are a lot of different kinds of CBD products out there, but the healing and recovery benefits of topical CBD balm is undeniable. Whether you have a rash, sunburn, or an inflamed injury, CBD balm can help soothe any discomfort with ease. At oHHo, we offer a few different kinds of CBD balm to help alleviate your pains, but first go ahead and read this article to learn more. We will be breaking down the benefits, how it's used, and how it interacts with your body.


CBD balm benefits

Although not enough research has been conducted to be completely conclusive, studies strongly indicate that CBD balm offers numerous potential health benefits:

  • Skin nourishment
    - CBD when applied topically to your skin may help trigger skin cell regeneration and soothe sensory nerves.
  • Muscle relief
    - CBD has the potential to act as a natural muscle relaxant and can do wonders for overworked or strained muscles.
  • Anti-inflammatory properties
    - CBD balm can potentially help suppress the body's inflammatory response, allowing for a quicker recovery.
  • Helps fight arthritis
    - Studies have shown that CBD balm can potentially lower joint swelling and discomfort caused by arthritis.


How does it work?

CBD balm and other CBD products are able to work so well in our bodies because of something called the endocannabinoid system, or ECS. Essentially, throughout our entire body we have receptors that work to maintain balance across key functions such as sleep, appetite, and memory. These receptors are specifically designed to receive cannabinoids such as CBD. Our skin cells have some of the highest concentrations of these receptors, making CBD balm extremely effective.

Let’s say, for example, you have a sore muscle and rub CBD balm on it. The ECS receptors in your skin will receive the localized cannabinoids and bind to them, leading to a fast and easy recovery. Viola. 

When CBD is paired with other cannabinoids such as CBG, they work with our ECS even better leading to a more effective and faster acting recovery. Researchers call this the ‘entourage effect,’ and is why at oHHo we offer full spectrum products.


The oHHo difference

Our CBD balms are extremely potent and effective, crafted with customer satisfaction at the forefront of our mind. Offering a full spectrum of cannabinoids and especially high levels of CBD, our balms allow for a potent and fast working effect. All of our balms are organically sourced, contain no unnatural chemicals, and are infused with other natural moisturizing and toning agents to leave your skin relieved and refreshed.

CBD and other cannabis extracts have been used for healing for thousands of years now. We offer high quality products that are sure to get the job done. Go ahead and give them a look on our website so you can try them out for yourself!