cbd chapstick

Everyone dislikes chapped and dry lips, they can be a real nuisance in your day to day life. Regular chapstick can provide some relief to this ailment, but CBD chapstick is on a whole other level. This new kind of relief not only does a better job, but comes with numerous benefits including potential hydration, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. 

Unlike the rest of our body, our lips can’t produce any moisture on their own. This is why they require the extra love and attention that oHHo’s CBD chapstick provides!


But what is CBD chapstick?

CBD chapstick is just like any other chapstick except for one key difference: CBD. CBD is a naturally occurring  chemical compound that is commonly found in cannabis. On its own, however, rather than getting you high, CBD heals and soothes your body.


How does it work?

The human body has receptors that interact with cannabinoids like CBD. Receptors such as these exist in our skin (such as our lips), allowing CBD from the chapstick to latch onto these receptors and provide sweet relief by hydrating dry and flakey skin. oHHo’s CBD chapstick takes it a step further by incorporating other ingredients such as carrot seed oil and bee’s wax to provide ultimate and long lasting hydration.


Anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial?

Yes! CBD chapstick does more than just hydrate your dry lips. We all know that familiar burning inflammation that often accompanies chapped lips, CBD chapstick fights that. While still in need of conclusive scientific studies, current research suggests that CBD acts to reduce inflammation, redness, and pain. So the next time you spend too long in the sun, or out in the cold wind, lather on some CBD chapstick and wave goodbye to red, flakey lips. 

Other studies suggest antibacterial benefits from CBD as well. A wide variety of pollutants can negatively affect your lips, including other chapsticks. CBD chapstick on the other hand fights against them, reversing irritation and infection. oHHo takes it a step further by adding other naturally occurring ingredients  such as vitamin E and carrot seed oil, to soothe infection.