Welcome to oHHo

We are a cannabis and botanicals wellness company dedicated to bringing you Plants with Benefits™. 

To avoid mediocrity we recognize distinction in appellation, cultivation and processing. We set quality standards and celebrate nation status within the cannabis industry. 

Working hand in hand with our network of American growers and team of world class biochemists, our goal is to bring you the cleanest, sustainable, high potency CBD and botanicals products.

Good vibes.

Our values

People over Process
We didn’t join this industry to make a quick buck. Every stage of our product development [from seed to product] is handled with diligence, sustainability and a strong code of ethics.

Natural over Artificial

Our plants are sun grown in native soil in the most pristine regions in America. We capture what nature provides without adding or complicating. Our oils have only two ingredients: Hemp Extract & MCT Oil, both of which you can spell and our other products only contain complimentary ingredients that showcase the power of our cannabis extracts.

Cutting Edge over Cutting Corners
Healthy genetics, farmed gently, clean extraction, pharmaceutical grade bottles, sustainable packaging & a ton of research. We leave the corner cutting to everyone else.

Education over Misinformation
Transparency & clarity of information are integral to fostering a community built on trust. You can find all information regarding our products on our FAQs page.

Community over Commodity
We invest in people, establishing authentic human relationships throughout our supply network. Our small scale farming practices allow for a more human & less industrial farming process, enabling us to support individual families and local communities with utmost respect for the land. 

Equity over Inequity
We are focused on galvanizing the society which fosters us. As we find our place in the legal cannabis space, we also work to rebuild the lives of those who have suffered disproportionately from cannabis criminalization.