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Vanity Fair

"I consider breathwork an active meditation. The definition of meditation is really just a moment to release the thinking mind. Meditation can look like so many things for different people-- running as a meditation for some folks, cleaning is a meditation, dancing as another form of active meditation" By Kia D. Goosby Read More 


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Green Market Report

"Ohho is a CBD product company that has captured the botanical look for all of its packaging... The company has partnered with other high-end brands like Soul Cycle and Salt House Mercantile in Sag Harbor, New York." By Debra Borchardt Read More



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 Financial Times

Top of the pot: the cannabis growers cornering the luxury market

"The New York CBD brand oHHo, which has coupled the entourage benefits of CBD with a distinctly elevated approach. “Cannabis is like wine or cheese – where it’s grown and how it’s grown matter, and depending on the terroir and the climate the outcome will be different,” says director Tim McDonald." By Tiffanie Darke Read More 


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Best CBD Products To Try This Spring

"Full-spectrum CBD oil by oHHo is a versatile option, as it can be consumed orally or applied topically for pain relief and skin repair, with 75mg of CBD per ml.” By Launa Harumi Read More


 Elephant Journal

"Brands out there, like oHHo “believe that if they are able to profit off of the legal cannabis industry, they must also work to release and rebuild the lives of those who have suffered from cannabis criminalization.” 
By Robert Busch Read More




"Little Shop of oHHo Brings CBD Wellness to Bedford and Makes it Chic.” By Shreya Chari Read More 




 Vanity Fair

"After learning that the 4/20 holiday is now also used to advocate against wrongful incarceration, Stephenson (oHHo Founder) felt she needed to do more, and began donating to the Women’s Prison Association and working with their artist program.”  By Kia D. Goosby   Read More 




Stone Fox

 "I do love a good oHHo CBD Pre-roll when I need to cut back on the THC. They keep me calm and focused while I do my work. ”  By Diandra Barsalou   Read More




 “The founders saw an opportunity to open a retail space in Bedford, New York when they moved out of New York City and into a place in the small town during the pandemic. Much to their surprise, the community embraced the space so much, they decided to make it permanent.”  By Dominique Pariso   Read More



The Strategist

"oHHo's CBD gummies “are one of the CBD gummies she takes regularly— the perfect dose for soothing my aches and pains while still managing to get work done.”  By Monica Mendal   Read More



The Strategist

"oHHo's CBD joints “offer the high that most people want — a super light, relaxed, euphoric feeling that passes relatively quickly” and allows you to remain “entirely functional.”  By Dominique Pariso   Read More


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"All the golden treasures that’s fit to give - 150 perfect presents for everyone on your list!" By Anahita Moussavian




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V Magazine

"If you're looking to chill out this Valentine's Day, oHHo NEW YORK is a luxurious CBD experience." Read More

"oHHo is the perfect curated CBD oil to help keep you company as you are self-isolating." Read More




"The NY-based CBD brand is making its mark by flipping the script on its fairly indistinguishable colleagues." Read More

"It’s exciting to spark up without the overwhelming ‘green out’ phase. CBD skips right to the mellow. We'd like to think office has similar effects." Read More



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“But not all CBD is created equal, that’s why oHHo approaches CBD like you would wine or coffee, looking to different regional producers for unique taste profiles” Read More

“The brand produces an all-natural, sustainably-sourced, full-spectrum CBD oil that you need in your life.” Read More



Cool Hunting

In the gold rush around CBD, products are plentiful but facts can be scarce. Two components of radical transparency set New York-based oHHo apart Read More




The brand loves and respects the natural splendor of each destination, and this dedication is expressed through progressive sustainability initiatives.” Read More

 “Full-spectrum oils from Ohho deliver restorative and calming results with top notes from local terrains across the U.S.”  Read More

 “oHHo on the go will feature a selection of favorites from the brand, which is known for its high-quality organic line of CBD oils and pre-rolls. Read More



Very Good Light

"Instantly, my brain feels as if it’s embraced by a supernatural force. The sensation allows me to stop time – no more nostalgia, just the present moment." Read More




"Grown respectfully, sourced sustainably and developed with leading experts in the field, we could not think of a better time to share this powerful, precious oil." Read More




Get schooled on all things CBD. Check out The ABC's of CBD written by our friends at TRENDLAND. Read More




"I don’t think of it as a cannabinoid, I just think of it as magical drops." Read More



 Guest of a Guest

"The market became very crowded quickly and so it became very confusing for people to know what to take and how to take it. We are very committed to making it less confusing and delivering products that are very transparent." Read More




High Consumption

"New York’s oHHo is one such company, offering a selection of artisanally-produced CBD Oils made from some of the finest locally-sourced ingredients available." Read More

Getting a good night's rest is essential to a productive workout, and oHHo’s New York Full Spectrum CBD Oil is specifically formulated to aid relaxation, sleep, and recovery. Read More



The Daily

"One dose and you’ll feel like you just left a 90-minute massage." Read More

This sustainable, full-spectrum CBD oil is an express ticket to recharging and relaxation. You know, for those times when you’re at your desk but wish you were chilling at ‘the end of the world’ instead.” Read More

“Whether you’re a novice or a longtime user, oHHo’s oils are as user-friendly as it gets. The hemp-derived products utilize the whole plant for a rich, high quality, sustainably-sourced formula.” Read More