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How to dose with CBD

First thing’s first: dosing a botanical medicine is different to a pharmaceutical one. For a start, CBD has a bell-shaped dosing curve. In other words, increasing a dose will increase the effect but only up to a point. Too little is less effective, but too much is also less effective. You need to find your Goldilocks sweet spot.


How to find your sweet spot...

For the majority of people an effective dose of CBD will be somewhere between 5mg - 25mg. To find the right dose for you, we recommend starting low and slowly building up until you hit the perfect spot.

...for Oils

The good news is that all of oHHo’s CBD oils have been formulated so that just 0.25ml (1 quarter dropper) gives you a dose of CBD that falls within the 5mg-25mg Goldilocks zone:

We recommend starting with 0.25mL of any oil and working your way up to the dose that works for you. Doses up to 1mL can be taken several times a day. For best results, do not exceed 3mL in 24 hours.

CBD Levels in oHHo Oils

...for Edibles

oHHo CBDots and Chocolates are already dosed within the sweet spot. Take a look:

CBD levels in oHHo Edibles

If you’re new to CBD, we suggest starting with our 15mg CBDots. Our chocolate delivers a slightly higher dose, so start with half a piece and gradually build up to using a whole piece, if needed.

...for topicals

This category is easy! CBD in topical products provides a wealth of skin-healing and rejuvenating benefits. You can apply as much or as little as you like.

How to dose with hemp derived THC

Let’s be honest, many people have an unpleasant first experience with cannabis because they ingest way more THC than they can tolerate. THC tolerance refers to the amount you need to feel a desired effect. Whether you are tolerant of THC really depends on your level of experience with cannabis. If you are a newbie, follow our start low, go slow method.


Depending on your level of tolerance, you can feel high from ingesting as little as 1mg of THC. But, if you are tolerant to cannabis, you might need 10mg of THC to feel any effect. We always say you can expect to feel an elevated, intoxicating vibe from 2.5mg of THC.

Edibles are a great way to enjoy cannabis. That said, it’s often easy to consume more than your body needs, which can ruin the experience. Always remember that metabolizing THC via edibles take a lot longer than via smoking. It takes anywhere from 20 minutes to four hours to build up in your system. 

Find your sweet spot

Shirley Temple Dots

Our Shirley Temple Dots contain 2.5mg of hemp derived THC, which is a good amount to start at (unless you are especially sensitive to THC). Our Shirley Temple Dots also contain CBD, which helps balance out the THC experience, avoiding the potential to increase anxiety or paranoia. If you are new to cannabis or want a lighter, more functional, experience, start low, go slow.Pitch your experience between 2.5mg-5mg across 24 hours.

Blackberry Hush Dots

Contain 5mg THC (hemp derived) + 5mg of CBN + 25mg CBD.

CBD + CBN bring calming and gently sedative effects whilst the THC offers relief from pain and a light intoxication.

If new to cannabis, start with half a gummy, wait for an hour and increase if necessary. Expect an onset time of 30-45 minutes and a duration of up to 4 hours. 

Avoid using with alcohol.

Find your sweet spot



Our zesty hemp derived THC Pink Grapefruit mixer was created as an alternative to alcohol! Each 30ml bottle contains 90mg of THC and comes with a graduated dropper so you can control how much goes in your drink. A full 1mL dropper contains 3mg of THC. New to cannabis? Start lower and work up to a full dropper across the evening. If you prefer a more noticeable cannabis experience, we suggest starting at 1mL per drink.
Avoid using with alcohol

oHHo's seltzers

Balance 3.5mg THC (hemp derived) + 5mg CBG + 10mg CBD. 

CBD + CBG helps balance the THC experience as well as providing a sense of calm. Easily controllable, the onset of effects will be felt within 10-20 minutes of drinking and may last for up to 2 hours. 

If new to cannabis start with half a can (1 serving) and monitor how you feel over 30-45 minutes.

Avoid using with alcohol.

Enjoying cannabis is like seasoning food. You can always add more but you can’t remove what you’ve already added so start low, go slow. And enjoy!

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