CBD Onset + Duration


We all have a unique experience with CBD. This is down to our individual DNA, life experiences and health. Height, weight and other factors may not determine whether you are tolerant or sensitive to CBD as it acts on our biology on a cellular level.


There are a number of different ways to take CBD which all involve activating the compound so it unlocks our ECS. With such a choice of ways to bring CBD into your routine we’re here to help you figure out which is best for you.


It is good to know what you want to achieve with CBD to ensure you are using the right application method for your needs. For localized skin issues, muscle and joint pain we recommend a topical application. For anxiety, whole body inflammation relief and sleep, an ingestible method is the answer. 


Ingesting CBD means taking CBD into your body by swallowing, inhaling or absorbing. When ingesting CBD it is recommended to eat first as this helps with bioavailability and a longer duration of benefit, especially if your diet includes fats.


Decide how quickly you need to feel the effects and the duration you want the effects to last for. Are your needs acute or chronic? Acute needs are severe and need immediate cessation: pain, nausea, stress. Chronic needs are not as severe but may require a long duration: inflammation, sleep, pressure.


The following 4 considerations should help you find the product that is going to benefit you the most:

FOCUS: What part of the body / mind are you needing to treat? Is the need acute or chronic?
ONSET: How quickly do you need to feel the effects?
DURATION: How long do you want the effects to last for? 
DOSAGE: How much CBD do I need?


This table provides a rough idea of onset, duration and dosage.
Your tolerance or sensitivity will vary so start low and work your way up to finding the dose the works for you.



CBD Product Type

Smoking / Vaping

CBDots / Chocolate

Tinctures / Droppers

Balms / Body Oil / Moisturizer

FOCUS Acute Conditions Chronic Conditions Chronic Conditions Localized External
ONSET 1 Minute 30 min -2 Hours 15-45 Minutes 5-25 Minutes
DURATION 2-3 Hours 4-6 Hours 5-7 Hours 2-4 Hours


0.1g -1g 10mg - 75mg 10mg-75mg 25mg-150mg