Does CBD Make You Hungry?

Cannabis use has a pretty well known association with increasing your appetite. Cannabis is said to cause ‘the munchies’ a strong hunger trigger, even when you have recently had a meal. Due to this property, doctors are able to prescribe certain varieties of cannabis to patients to help stimulate their appetite, particularly for those recovering from cancer treatments.


Depending on the variety of compounds that occur naturally in cannabis plants, the reverse is also possible. Some strains are prescribed because of their ability to reduce or suppress the appetite often caused by the presence of appetite suppressing terpenes. So cannabis can cause both appetite stimulation and appetite suppression depending on the unique selection of compounds within a specific strain.


CBD is not an appetite stimulant but it can help regulate your appetite.


CBD enables your body to have greater control of the release of natural chemicals including hormones, to ensure optimum function. This can result in an increase or a decrease in appetite depending on what your body needs.


The association with cannabis and appetite increase is due to the presence of THC (the intoxicating compound found in cannabis) which does interact with parts of the brain that stimulate appetite causing the feeling of hunger.


Other compounds that are found in cannabis called terpenes can also have an effect on the feeling of hunger. Terpenes such as limonene have the potential for appetite increase whereas humulene suppresses the appetite temporarily. Look for cannabis that has an abundance of one of these terpenes so you can tailor the right strain for your needs.