Will CBD Make My Eyes Go Heavy?


When people have consumed cannabis they are often observed to have a temporary heaviness around their eyes. The predictable stoner image of a sleepy, chilled out individual with bloodshot and heavy eyes reflects a legacy from the prohibition era and as we understand the effects of cannabis more clearly now, consumers are challenging this stereotype.


Discover why cannabis can give you red eyes or make you sleepy.


The CBD compound from cannabis is not the cause for this. CBD acts in a subtle, non-intoxicating way. The beauty of the CBD compound is that it essentially gets your own body back to its optimum, enabling it to produce and regulate the flow of natural chemicals to ensure you are at your physiological best.


Heavy eyes are likely to be the result of ingesting cannabis that contains very little CBD but a lot of THC. THC is the intoxicating compound that causes users to feel high. THC also lowers blood pressure which in turn increases blood circulation to the eyes. This can cause redness as well as sensitivity to light, which often results in the eyelids of users being more ‘heavy’.

As intoxicating varieties of cannabis generally cause feelings of relaxation it is likely that your eyes will be one of the more obvious signs. CBD, although from the cannabis plant, does contribute to feelings of comfort but does not affect the appearance of eyes.