How to Make CBD Taste Better


At oHHo we believe that helping people discover CBD starts at that first taste. Depending on whose products you buy, CBD hemp oils will either taste great, terrible, of nothing or of something that isn’t CBD. As a botanical extract, full spectrum CBD has a natural earthy, grass like taste when unrefined.


We make oHHo products taste great by refining the whole plant extract to remove the bitter tasting chlorophyll and other non-beneficial elements. Whilst keeping all the therapeutic cannabinoids and terpenes, the natural scents come forward providing a complex, really pleasant taste of floral, woody, sweet and even chocolatey notes.


If you have CBD drops that don’t taste great you can always add your CBD to a shake or smoothie rather than holding your nose when taking them straight from the bottle. Better still, try ours.


We are proud of the purity, potency and effectiveness of our full spectrum CBD products and we love how our CBD oils and CBD edibles taste. oHHo products are made to be brilliant from the moment you try them. CBD products don’t have to taste terrible. Enjoy the oHHo CBD experience.