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5 things to know about our THC seltzers

Our cannabis-infused seltzers are making a splash. But what’s all the fuss about? Here’s the skinny on our new star product.

5 things to know about our THC seltzers

5 things to know about our THC seltzers

oHHo THC Seltzers



The taste 

We’ve gone above and beyond to ensure our seltzers taste as good as they make you feel.  That means natural ingredients that taste like summer on your tongue. Think refreshing pink  grapefruit and elderflower, blood orange and pomegranate. Plus, our seltzers are gently  sparkling, delivering the ultimate bubbly buzz. 


The vibe 

We describe it as a smooth, elevated high that lasts a couple of hours. Each seltzer contains  3.5mg of hemp derived THC but—and this is key—it also contains 5mg CBG and 10mg CBD.  Why does this matter? CBD acts as an antagonist to the THC, which means a smoother high— and CBG counteracts the sleepy, soporific effect. The result? A warm, social buzz that works  equally well on a loud night out, or a quiet one on the sofa.  


The science 

We are very proud of our cutting-edge, fast-acting nanotechnology, which delivers a speedy  absorption rate. Our seltzers have a quick onset (think 10-15 minutes), so you won’t have to  hang around for the buzz. All in all, you’re in for a more regulated, manageable intoxication  experience than alcohol.


The health benefits 

Yup, unlike alcohol, our THC seltzers are actually good for you. It’s no secret that excessive  alcohol consumption causes all manner of health issues: liver disease, heart disease, and  increased cancer risk. Not only are our seltzers alcohol-free, but they contain a host of  ingredients that boost your health. Each seltzer contains terpenes (read about the magic of  terpenes here). Plus the dynamic duo—CBD + CBG—lift your mood, reduce anxiety and relieve  pain. Shame the same can’t be said for a martini… 


The dosage  

As ever, our mantra is, start low, go slow. Each can contains two doses (and only 20 calories  per serving). Try it now, thank us later.

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