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Our THC seltzers are the future of social drinking. Discuss.

It’s official: we are shaking up the social scene. In pursuit of the ultimate booze-free buzz, we have created a whole new way to drink. Here’s why our new star product is a great alternative to alcohol…

Our THC seltzers are the future of social drinking. Discuss.

Our THC seltzers are the future of social drinking. Discuss.

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So, what’s the deal with THC seltzers? 

Enjoy a social buzz without the alcohol. In fact, forget everything you think you know about social drinking. Until now, a fun night with friends was often  accompanied by a killer hangover and a sack full of regrets. But, thanks to our favorite plant— cannabis—social drinking has had a glow up.  


Why is THC better than alcohol? 

Two words: no hangover. Alcohol gets a bad rap—for a reason. While we won’t judge anyone’s  happy hour habit, research shows regular alcohol consumption can increase your risk of heart  disease, liver disease and cancer. And don’t get us started on the nasty morning-after effects, like headaches, dehydration and negative mental health (shame spiral, anyone?). Plus,  excessive alcohol can lead to aggressive, impulsive behavior. Cannabis is the regret-free,  healthier alternative. 


Healthier? Keep talking. 

Cannabis is widely reported to reduce anxiety, boost moods and relieve pain. On top of that,  our seltzers are only 20 calories per serving. 


So, you’re saying this high-vibe drink is actually good for me? 

Yup. How many alcoholic cocktails can you name that improve your health while delivering a  sparkling, social buzz? Go on, we’ll wait… 


Ok, but how social are they? 

Extremely. We’re talking a euphoric but relaxed high. Unlike alcohol, which affects your nervous  system, cannabis targets your endocannabinoid system, helping you maintain good energy  levels. And we intentionally included two magic ingredients that work alongside the THC to  create an elevated, controlled buzz. CBD, which acts as an antagonist to THC—ensuring a  smoother ride to the top. And CBG, which counteracts the sometimes sleepy effects of  cannabis. Whether you’re at a cocktail party, backyard bbq or a chilled night in, our seltzers are  the perfect companion.  


What do they taste like? 

Fresh, fruity and tart. Our two debut blends are Elderflower + Pink Grapefruit, and Blood  Orange + Pomegranate. All our ingredients are 100% natural, ensuring these drinks taste as  good as they make you feel. Oh, and they’re gently carbonated for an extra zing. 


I’m sold. Where can I get my hands on them? 

Right here.

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