Can You Have Too Much CBD?


CBD’s effectiveness requires finding the perfect amount between not too little and not too much. If your dose is higher than you need you will likely feel less benefit than if you took a smaller dose and little else.


If you take too much CBD such as ingesting 75mg instead of 25mg you may find the CBD is less effective. CBD is a botanical extract which requires some experimentation to find the exact level that is effective for you. Dosing CBD is about starting low and increasing slowly until you find the perfect amount - usually between 15-25mg a day for wellness benefits.


Purity matters. Many CBD oils have not been tested for contaminants such as pesticides and dangerous metals. These potential contaminants present a great risk to internal health.


As the benefits of CBD can be felt at such low doses the key is knowing how to start bringing a botanical such as CBD into your routine. Dosing CBD requires a ‘start low, go slow’ approach. We recommend starting with 0.25mL and working your way up to the dose that works for you. Doses up to 1mL can be taken several times a day. The higher the amount of CBD in the bottle the longer it will last.


oHHo full spectrum CBD oils offer between 100 - 150 daily doses of 15mg CBD*.


oHHo oils utilize the whole plant to create premium full spectrum CBD products. Our oils offer a rich concentration of high quality CBD as well as other cannabinoids, including CBC, CBG, CBN, THC* and terpenes. If you’re new to CBD, following our suggested dosage will help you to discover what works for you.


Finding the right CBD dosage for your needs takes experimenting and if you are a CBD beginner, you may be nervous to take those first few drops. Here at oHHo, we are all about education and rest assured that every bottle of oHHo comes with a graduated dropper and dosing guide to help you get started.


Start Low, Go Slow and trust your body to tell you when that perfect level has been reached.