Certificate of Analysis

Certificate of Analysis


Transparency is key to building trust within our community—we always want you to feel safe & secure about what you put into your body. We go one step further in analyzing our products, checking not only for potency but for purity as well. In the interest of full disclosure, every bottle of oHHo comes with its own QR code that links you to a panel of tests. An example of the tests can be found below. For some products we upload the potency results, having tested for all possible contaminants with the concentrated extract before making the final products. Cutting corners? We don’t know what that means.


If you require an older certificate of analysis for a product you have, please contact us at info@weareohho.com with your batch number and we shall provide you with the analysis.




oHHo Lemon Ginger CBDots

Nutrition Facts

Lemon Ginger CBDots 003

Lemon Ginger CBDots 006PC 

Lemon Ginger CBDots 006A

Lemon Ginger CBDots 013

Lemon Ginger CBDots 017

Lemon Ginger CBDots 025

Lemon Ginger CBDDots 027


oHHo Apple Rose CBDots

Nutrition Facts

Apple Rose CBDots 003

Apple Rose CBDots 008

Apple Rose CBDots 013

Apple Rose CBDots 017

Apple Rose CBDots 025

Apple Rose CBDots 027


oHHo Pomegranate Blood Orange CBDots

Nutrition Facts

Pomegranate Blood Orange CBDot 

Pomegranate Blood Orange CBDots 005

Pomegranate Blood Orange CBDots 008

Pomegranate Blood Orange CBDots 013

Pomegranate Blood Orange CBDots 017

Pomegranate Blood Orange CBDots 025

Pomegranate Blood Orange CBDots 027

Pomegranate Blood Orange CBDots 3702


oHHo Mixed CBDots

Nutrition Facts

Mixed CBDots 016 Part 1

Mixed CBDots 016 Part 2

Mixed CBDots 016 Part 3


oHHo Pear Fennel CBDots

Nutrition Facts

Pear and Fennel CBDots 003

Pear and Fennel CBDots 007

Pear and Fennel CBDots 013

Pear and Fennel CBDots 017


oHHo Pineapple Coconut CBDots

Nutrition Facts

Pineapple Coconut Breeze 003 

Pineapple Coconut Breeze 006PC

Pineapple Coconut Breeze CBDots 013


oHHo Shirley Temple Dots


Shirley Temple Dots 027

Shirley Temple Dots 3703


oHHo CBDay Milk Chocolate

Day Milk - 0116

Day Milk - B125

Day Milk - B126

Day Milk - 3085


oHHo CBDay Dark Chocolate

Day Dark - 0115

Day Dark - B125

Day Dark -  012

Day Dark - B126


oHHo CBNight Milk Chocolate

Night Milk - 0118

Night Milk - B125

Night Milk - B126

Night Milk - 0384


oHHo CBNight Dark Chocolate

Night Dark - 01170120

Night Dark - B125

Night Dark -  007

Night Dark - B126

Wild Orange Dark Chocolate

Hot Chocolate Mix

Blackberry Hush Dots

Salted Caramel Pride Barg
Saltd Caramel 4991


 oHHo Pink Grapefruit Mixer

Batch 0002

Batch E22T01


oHHo Seltzers
Batch 001

Pet treats

oHHo Moe´s Dog Treats

Batch 16022

Moe's 29222

Moe´s 2212923

oHHo Oscar´s Dog Treats

Oscar´s 2213023

Oscar's 2405324