What Does CBD Oil Taste Like?


At oHHo we believe that helping people discover CBD starts at that first taste.


Depending on whose products you buy, CBD hemp oils will either taste great, terrible, of nothing or of something that isn’t CBD. As a botanical extract, full spectrum CBD has a natural earthy, grass like taste when unrefined.


Although a very natural product, the bitterness from these ‘whole plant’ extracts can be unpleasant as well as overpowering other great tasting compounds. CBD oils and edibles that are made from whole plant extracts often have other potent flavours added such as mint or orange to mask the bitterness.


CBD oils that are made from broad spectrum CBD or from CBD isolate will have little to no taste at all. These also often have strong flavours added or they taste very oily due to the carrier oil CBD is infused with such as MCT or hemp seed.

At oHHo we have refined the whole plant extract by removing the very bitter, ‘green’ compounds from the whole plant. This allows the complex and pleasant natural scents and aromas to come forward providing a really amazing taste profile that is both natural and enjoyable.