What Happens If You Take Too Much CBD?


CBD is a non-intoxicating botanical compound that does not present the same degree of risk associated with pharmaceutical drugs. Taking too much CBD will result in a less effective result rather than harm.


The average amount of CBD that consumers find to be effective for general health and wellness is around 15-25mg per day. Doctors prescribe much higher doses to patients with specific medical conditions using body weight dosing up to 40mg per kg (around 1500mg) per day.


As CBD is non-intoxicating the amount of CBD that could potentially cause any potential harm is around 20,000mg, more than 1000x higher than an effective dose. You cannot overdose on CBD hemp oil but you can take too much.


If you take too much CBD such as ingesting 75mg instead of 25mg you will not have any adverse health side effects. What you may find is that the CBD is less effective.

CBD is a botanical extract which requires some experimentation to find the exact level that is effective for you. Dosing CBD is about starting low and increasing slowly until you find the perfect amount - usually between 15-25mg a day for wellness benefits.