In Conversation with Dr. Katie

In Conversation with Dr. Katie

In Conversation with Dr. Katie

In Conversation with Dr. Katie


Tell us a little bit about yourself and what got you interested in becoming a wellness doctor? 

I practice Integrative Medicine, which is the combination of regular western medicine with evidence-based complementary modalities including food as medicine, supplements and herbs, mind-body medicine, and acupuncture. I have a strong interest in women’s health, so I see patients with a variety of complaints from sleep issues to gastrointestinal problems to chronic pain like headaches and back pain to managing period-related things like perimenopause or PMS. I love my job. It fills my cup every single day because I’m able to work with patients to decipher the root cause of what is making them feel poorly, and then we’re able to fix it. I always say that I have a huge toolbox of options including prescription medications if warranted, and fortunately I work with patients who are willing to make lifestyle changes and really take charge of their health. I did an Integrative Medicine fellowship with the University of Arizona Andrew Weill program after Family Medicine residency at Columbia University, and I chose this field after having my own revolutionary experience with holistic medicine in my quest to have children. (I have awesome twin boys who are now almost 12!)

Biggest risk you’ve taken in your career?

I’m the founder, CEO and medical director of Dr. Katie Wellness Insights, a multidisciplinary practice of women who provide integrative-minded treatments. Starting that business as an entrepreneur was definitely something that scared me a little! But I think it also made me a stronger person because it pushed me beyond my comfort zone. And I’m grateful to my husband, family and staff for their support along the way.

 What is your favorite nightly ritual?

I love watching a funny show with my kids before bed, so we snuggle on the couch and laugh a little. Then we all head upstairs, and while they read, I take a warm bath in Target  magnesium salts and a Weleda arnica soak and spend a few minutes breathing and letting go of the day. Then I take some magnesium glycinate, pamper my body with Environ Body Care, read a novel for a few minutes, and drift off to sleep by about 9:30. I like the routine of going to bed early and waking up early in the quiet hours of daybreak.

Tips for falling asleep you’d give?
3 hours before bed: no big meals. 

It’s hard for your body to rest when it’s digesting a lot of food, and it can feel hard to lie down when the belly is full. That said, a small fiber + fat + protein snack like a handful of nuts can be helpful for blood sugar stabilization if you’re hungry or are feeling super stressed and know your cortisol is spiked.

2 hours before bed: no work. 

Since I like to be asleep by 9:30pm, I stop all work by 7:30pm, and I don’t take any phone calls or have big conversations after 8pm. It’s not possible to go-go-go all day long and not give ourselves any buffer between the active mind and the rested mind.

1 hour before bed: no interaction with devices. 

Watching a light-hearted show on TV can be okay for some people before bed, but I recommend avoiding devices that you interact with, like your phone, computer, and especially social media.

3 things you wouldn’t do before trying to sleep?

Working (!), talking about finances or tough family conversations, and having more than 1 alcoholic drink at dinner. All of these are guaranteed to make it tough to wind down, or cause a 3am wakeup.

Your favorite oHHo sleep product?

Hands down, the CBN Night Salted Dark Chocolate. It is heaven. The taste is so smooth, and the effect is a calm relaxation that I enjoy using when I’m feeling a bit up-regulated or like it’s been “a day.” I love that we can use natural ingredients to help support the body’s rest. 


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