Find the Right oHHo Sleep Product for You

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Find the Right oHHo Sleep Product for You

Find the Right oHHo Sleep Product for You


oHHo believe's in the Goldilocks method and finding the right sleep product is personal to each of us. We have taken the guess work out and rated our sleep products in strength levels depicted by 'Z's' so you know you will get just the right amount of sleep! The more 'Z's", the higher the cannabinoid content to assist you in having a great night's sleep.
This sugar free oil, packs a mighty CBD punch. Working to bring your body back into homeostasis while you rest it is pure form Full Spectrum CBD at its best.
Best for: Sleeping through the night 

CBDNight Chocolates - ZZ
For those who need a little help settling down this luxurious chocolate square is the perfect goodnight treat. Combining CBD and CBN this special sleepy blend has been specially formulated for relaxation. 
Best for: Nodding off.

Our most powerful sleep product to date, brings together a super formulation of CBD, CBN and Hemp derived THC. This delicious Blackberry gummy with Chamomile notes tastes as good as it performs.
Best for: The ultimate sleep aid
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