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In Conversation with Emma Bond

“I’m proud of my determination to build the career I’ve always wanted!”

In Conversation with Emma Bond

In Conversation with Emma Bond

Emma Bond




From where do you draw inspiration?

My inspiration comes from moments in nature. I adore color and pattern, detail and storytelling. I’m lucky to live close to some of the largest waterworks and forests in London, so my local environment is stimulating and varied with great biodiversity. 



What does your average day look like?

My kids are very early risers and I’m not, so coffee is first on the agenda! Wrangle the kids into various school clothes and breakfast etc, and off we go. I have a gorgeous studio, so I spend the day working there. I finish in time for school and nursery pick up, and then head to the park for a few hours to hang out with friends. Dinner, water my garden, bedtimes and a book. Simple stuff. 



What’s the best piece of advice you’ve received?

Don’t sweat the small stuff. Trust your gut instincts, and be kind. 



How did you get your career start?

I originally trained in Ceramics; surface pattern was my passion. I exhibited at a graduate exhibition, and was left a note saying, "You're a textile designer - call me!" So I did. I said yes to all opportunities that came my way and then worked out the details afterward. It made me realize I didn't need to limit myself to the area I'd trained in. I asked a lot of questions, built good relationships, worked hard, and pulled a lot of all-nighters. I've learned a lot of lessons along the way, some good, some bad but they've all moved me towards where I am now. 



Who is your biggest supporter/mentor?

My husband Dan is my greatest cheerleader and most honest critic. We’ve known each other since we were 13 so he’s seen every version of me, and challenged and supported me every step of the way. I also have a fabulous coach, Toyin Laketu, who I've been working with for the past 18 months. Having constant honest support and encouragement has been game-changing for my development. 



What has been your toughest career challenge?

Balancing having young kids and a career. It’s important for me to be around for my kids as much as possible, but I also really love what I do. Figuring out the right balance is always a work in progress as they move through different stages. It’s also important that my children see me as a role model and a hard-working individual.



And your proudest moment?

I've been able to make it all work. At school, the idea of making a living from drawing was a big no-no. I'm proud of myself for my determination to build the career I wanted. I hope my kids see that. My eldest wants to be a pro basketball player so we'll see. 



Who is a visual artist to watch?

My house is filled with other people’s work and I’m as interested in their processes as much as the final piece. I’m a huge fan of James O'Brien, aka The Potato Printer, who manages to bring more character and humor into his prints than I’ve ever seen. It’s genius. 



What advice would you give your much-younger self?

Care less, do more, be brave. 



Tell us more about your work with oHHo…

Last year I worked on a pretty dreamy commission with OHHO, creating artwork for the CBD Chocolate packaging. Working with Nic and her team is always a wonderfully collaborative experience. I was over the moon to join them again this year to create all of the fruity elements for a new range of products. For me, the best part of building these long-term trusted relationships is that it allows me to take some exciting risks and push myself creatively, knowing they have the confidence in me to do so. All the fruits were hand-printed, using recycled tetrapak cartons. There's an element of surprise in this process, but for me that's the magic!




Quick Fireround


Last thing you Googled…
Toddler eaten raw chicken goujon...(he was fine thankfully) 

Your most-used app…
Notes on my phone to help keep my busy brain in check

Last book you read…
Is this ok? by Harriet Gibsone


Life motto…
Just add water


Favorite oHHo product…
CBD Chocolate 


Signature style in a sentence…
Comfy, relaxed, often inky

Favorite daily ritual…
Coffee in the morning. Good coffee = good day

Most over-used phrase…


Guilty pleasure…
Adding things that I've already done to my to-do list so that I get the pleasure of ticking them off


You never leave home without…

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