Elizabeth Hargraves Mandy

Hand painted body oil originals

oHHo_Limited_Elizabeth Hargraves Mandy

"Squirrels gathering nuts - they are harvesting for their winter stores. Coneflower, thistle and sedum are flowers we see in the fall. Mushrooms and moss are associated with the woodland  ( and the mushrooms on these bottles are actually psilocybin mushrooms, a sly wink to the increasing use of psilocybin as a healing component thorough microdosing and therapeutic trips.) Owls are associated with nighttime, magic, Halloween, the power of the dark - plus I love the call of the barred owl which is depicted here. And the orange blossom flower is a reminder that after the harvest, after the dormancy of winter, the world and the seasons reawaken. And the beautiful, fragrant orange blossom is a harbinger of the cycle starting all over again."

the artist

Stylish from the start, combining mismatched plaids with Lily Pulitzer prints in her childhood approach to dressing, Elizabeth has always had a creative flare. She has been a practicing artist throughout her life. A fine arts major in college, she spent a year studying in Paris, received a diploma in decorative arts in Scotland and a further degree in restoration in New York City .  Her career in the decorative arts was honed during her years working for a noted antique dealer in NYC where she launched her business in surface restoration and decorative painting. She has continued to develop as an artist, constantly finding new ‘canvases’ to paint - whether it’s on paper, glass, leather, walls, furniture etc. 

Elizabeth Hargraves Mandy