Full Spectrum CBD


Full Spectrum CBD


The popularity of CBD has increased as more and more people learn about it’s non-intoxicating, therapeutic properties. Not all CBD products are made the same. A significant difference is that some are broad spectrum and some are full spectrum


A broad spectrum CBD product means the plant extract used has been processed to remove any traces of THC. This process also removes other beneficial compounds that can increase the effectiveness of the CBD.


A full spectrum product is created from an extract containing a natural abundance of therapeutic compounds found within the plants. These include other cannabinoids such as CBG and THC and terpenes. Terpenes are aromatic compounds that you find in nature (such as pinene in evergreen trees) which offer a potentially wide-array of therapeutic properties themselves, in addition to CBD. 


Maintaining the natural plant profile in the extract creates a synergistic effect on the CBD, offering a boosted effectiveness called the entourage effect. 



Full spectrum CBD vs broad spectrum CBD


Many people are hesitant about using products that contain any trace amount of THC as they have concerns regarding legality, drug tests at work or becoming intoxicated. 


Although you may have detectable traces of THC from a full spectrum you won’t become intoxicated. Full spectrum CBD products are federally legal across the USA.  In addition to being an important compound for the entourage effect, THC is a potent analgesic and is used within cannabis medicines for a wide variety of treatments. 


At oHHo we understand the consumer preference for THC free products so we have created a Broad Spectrum, terpene enhanced CALM oil. The THC has been taken out and we have added 4 specific terpenes that help re-establish a full entourage effect experience. CALM is a broad spectrum oil that works like a full spectrum without the presence of THC. 


Both offer a potential to find the physiological and psychological results you are looking for.