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Our highest strength Full Spectrum CBD. Natural taste with no artificial flavors, expect woody, hoppy, rose and pine tasting notes. Prominent terpenes include beta-caryophyllene, myrcene and humulene, perfect for the evening time and a restful night.

Scent: Woody, Hoppy, Sweet, Rose & Pine

Rest, Sleep, Anxiety, Aches & Pains, Inflammation, General Wellbeing

CBD 1125mg cannabis sativa l. Extract. per 15mL

Full spectrum cannabis (hemp) extract containing beneficial minor cannabinoids and terpenes infused in organic, ketone rich MCT oil. Made from hand cultivated, organically and sustainably grown, single origin cannabis plants from the rolling hills of the Hudson valley. Our full spectrum formula offers a boosted whole body relief.

Our signature and strongest blend contains 75mg of full spectrum CBD per 1ml. Comes with a measured dropper for finding your perfect dose. 

15mL = 75 x 15mg doses = 1125mg of CBD

Whole Body Effect: Take orally - Start with 0.25ml (18.75mg CBD) and increase up to 1mL if required.

Topical Effect: Apply topically to affected areas for joint pain and skin repair.

15mg Doses: 75

Full Spectrum CBD, MCT oil (Medium Chain Triglyceride)
Extraction Method: CO2

Net Weight: 75mg of CBD per 1mL

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oHHo’s high strength CBD tinctures offer whole body comfort within 15 minutes lasting for up to 6 hours. Our full spectrum and broad spectrum oils reflect exceptional quality from across the United States. We source from the finest, hand cultivated, sustainable farms, celebrating the uniqueness of each region, providing a range of premium oils tailored to meet the individual needs of our customers. Our full spectrum oils provide unique profiles of beneficial compounds that naturally occur in the plants. Our broad spectrum oils have been enhanced with specific terpene ratios to recreate the power of a full spectrum experience.

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First thing’s first: dosing a botanical medicine is different to a pharmaceutical one. For a start, CBD has a bell-shaped dosing curve. In other words, increasing a dose will increase the effect but only up to a point. Too little is less effective, but too much is also less effective. You need to find your Goldilocks sweet spot.

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