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Ready, set, grow!

Ready, Set, Grow!

Are you Ready, Set, let’s Grow?

We’re so glad you’re here! As an oHHo Community member, you have the opportunity to create a purpose-driven platform that impacts people’s lives and the planet. Or, as we like to call it, a business with benefits.

Consider this page your ultimate Getting Started resource. We are going to walk you through everything you need to know about the brand, the products, the selling process, how to connect, and how to get paid.

Setting up your account

Step 1

Set up your Account

You’re in as a community Member, let’s jump into your first step: Setting up your account. Follow the steps outlined below:


  1. Head to the website -
  2. Click on the person icon in the top right corner then click on create an account
  3. Add in your information + Click Create
  4. You will be sent an email to verify your account, Click the link.

Step 2

Log into your Dashboard

Your account is set up, now it’s time to plug into your community dashboard to see how to track orders, see your commission, grab resources and view important links.


  1. Click on the little person in the top right corner once you have logged in, then click on
  2. My Dashboard.
  3. For a walkthrough video of your dashboard and how to use it, click on the video to your left.
  4. Use Passcode: 3XFh.jC8
  5. You will be sent an email to verify your account, Click the link.
Sign into your account
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Step 3

Plug into our Community

One of the best parts of being apart of oHHo is the incredible community!

Join us over on Facebook for our Community group. We have daily training, content and education happening in there all week long. We also have the occasional incentive and giveaway too!

Join us over there by clicking this link and jumping into our community.

Facebook community page

Step 4

60 Day Success guide

Welcome to your new business bestie!

Your 60 Day Success Guide is where you’ll find access to the TWO THINGS that lead to success if done consistently:

Show up visibly: Each day, this guide gives you an idea for content that is simple, effective, and follows a pattern of engaging your community and building product love. This is meant to take you 5-10mins TOPS!

Behind the Scenes: In addition to showing up each day, you’ll want to be doing consistent, SMALL business actions! This can include things like order follow ups, making a content plan, filming, mailing samples, etc. In this guide, you’ll find a simple, effective business actions given to you each day. This will build habits and consistency and will take you 20mins TOPS!

No more wondering WHAT to do! It’s all right here and laid out for you!

60 Days Success Guide

Step 5

Get ROOTED in Business w/oHHo

As a new community member, you are invited to join our Rooted in Business with oHHo group. This is a small group meant to support you in getting started and growing your business where you can learn, get inspired, and meet others also just getting started with their oHHo journey!

To join in, simply email our and ask to get ROOTED!

Step 6

Learn with us

We know that our products require education and an understanding of CBD and the hemp plant in general.

So check out this interactive Product 101 Guide that will walk you through everything you need to know about this humble plant.

  • Glossary of terms (so you know what each term means)
  • Breakdown of all our products
  • Education on what each product does
  • A simple chart that helps you with the right recommendations depending on the customers needs

Simple, Easy and all in one place. Let the learning begin!

oHHo Irvington

Step 7

Jumpstart your Business

Did you know that in your first 3 months with us, we have this incredible Jumpstart program that rewards you with extra perks and cash as you work through your first 90 days!

Check out this graphic that details the 3 levels you can unlock and click the photo to play a video that goes through it in more details and explains how to simply unlock the bonuses.

Step 8

Start Sharing and Earning

As your oHHo welcome kit arrives, unbox it on social media. Post about why you are excited about these products and share one that YOU love and WHY it is making a difference for you!

Consider talking about what brought you here to oHHo,

What you have tried and what it has done for you,

What you hope this opportunity will do for others.

Remember, sharing about oHHo shouldn’t just be about sharing the products, it should be about sharing YOUR story and how oHHo fits into your life and how

how to earn

Step 9

How to Earn

We like to think that we have a pretty great compensation plan that rewards you with a great commission rate for every sale you make + some pretty unique opportunities that set’s us apart from other social selling programs out there and allows you to work this business in the way YOU want!

Rewards and Pay Guide

Step 10

What makes oHHo Different?

We understand that it’s our differences that make us shine in the world of social selling.

Here at oHHo, we want to give you every opportunity to work this business in the way that YOU want by providing you with opportunites you don’t see anywhere else.

Here at oHHo, you can sell and earn via multiple channels:


  1. Social Selling via your website link
  2. Online events (using our host reward program)
  3. Point of Sale program (allows you to sell right off your table)
  4. Wholesale opportunities
  5. Invite only opportunities to really build BIG!
Learn more
Pink Grapefruit Mixer

Step 11

Stay Connected + Get Help

We are here to help!

There are so many ways for you to plug in when you need assistance and also support.

Join our Facebook Community group HERE

If you’re new, Join our Rooted Group by emailing:

Help with orders
Connect with Cindy, Community Manager:

Help with CBD education
Connect with Tim, Head of Education

Planning events/wholesale
Connect with Cindy:

Step 12

Quick Links & Resource

Now that you’ve got the basics, there are loads of other resources available for you to access and learn as you grow.

Check out your dashboard under the important links section for all of the links/resources available to you but here are a few we thought you might want to have easy access to right now:

oHHo is a member of 1% for the planet
oHHo is a member of Clean Hub
oHHo products are 3rd party tested
oHHo is organically grown
oHHo is gluten free
oHHo is member of Leaping Bunny
oHHo is proudly a Phthalates Free company!